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Vivid Hot Lacquer Maybelline Unreal Review

Today,I would like to share a quick vivid hot lacquer Maybelline review. If you are a person who wants to have bold and beautiful lips then indeed it is the best product for you. I always want full coverage and bold lip look. I tried many lacquers but I wasn’t satisfied much. I want something which really work on my lips and look simply great all the time. So, when my friend suggests me to buy Maybelline color sensational lacquer, I didn’t think twice. I trust my friend and also on her suggestion. The cost of this lacquer is not so high, anyone can afford it. So, why think more when you can try a product for making a real difference in your look.

Maybelline vivid hot lacquer review royal blueWhat Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer is?

It is not an ordinary lip gloss you found in a cosmetic shop. Maybelline improved our regular gloss in a way that our lips pop better than before. It is actually a  high-impact lip gloss with an ultra shiny finish. When you apply it to your lips then strong lacquered melt on your lips and offers the most impactful look.

Soft Color Selection

When you explore colors of vivid color sensation by Maybelline, you will find 12 shades. All of them are great but when you want the casual look and need a shade which you can wear in a routine then indeed Maybelline vivid hot lacquer “unreal” is the best shade. I also picked the same shade for review. The cosmetic company mentioned that all colors are saturated and fine; I must say they are right about this claim. As soon as you apply this lacquer on your lips, the look you achieve is pretty sensational. A simple girl looks hot when she wears unreal. My colleagues gave the same remarks when I wore this lipstick. I don’t like to wear much makeup. I try to keep myself simple yet elegant. Thanks to unreal shade, I achieve my routine makeup goal. It looks quite natural and doesn’t badly impact my casual look at all.Vivid hot lacquer maybelline unreal review

Maybelline lip color color sensational vivid hot lacquer unreal

 Listen ,Pink Shade Lovers

Although I picked Unreal from Vivid hot Lacquer Maybelline collection but if you like pink shades more than beige and brown then two other shades I recommend are  “Too Cute” and “Sassy”. The first shade is perfect when you need natural makeup look. If you want to pop your look in a friend’s party then Sassy will definitely give you Sexy and Sassy Look.

Maybelline Vivid Hot  Lacquer Colors for Bold Divas

If you want to grab quick bold lip look then three shades I would recommend are “So Hot” , “Obsessed” and “Royal”. These shades will turn you a bold diva with chic style.  Royal is an electric blue shade which you would love to wear when you have a mood of hang out with a friend in a nightclub.

Unreal Lacquer Pros

  • Bold Look is possible
  • Soothing Shine
  • Good Shade for Routine use


  • A bit costly than regular gloss

Wrap up

I have shared my own vivid Hot Lacquer unreal review with you. I’m sure you have tried other shades as well and you might like the shades which I don’t recommend here. So, if it the case then tell me what other shade you pick from the collection and why.


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