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Unique Braiding Ideas For Beautiful Girls

It’s not a surprise to see how much young girls are enthusiastic about their facial beauty, hairstyling and clothing in general because these blooming flowers look more colorful when they are taken care of. If a girl is focusing more on improving her beauty and body expressions it’s good for her. Of course you take benefit from personal grooming in many ways; you are taken as a caring person and people respect you for your being sober or well-dressed. 

Teenage girls aren’t just interested in wearing different variety of colorful cloths, they also appear to be concerned about their hairstyle because they know it can make or break their impression. Since some odd styles like Mohawk or side shavings are prohibited in schools and colleges, they count more on traditional styles such as ponytails, up dos and braids.

Just in case you crave for different hair dos in order to standout in the crowd you can benefit from these unique braiding ideas which will definitely help you in setting an individualized impression on the mind of your friends, they will remember you by your styles besides your talent in the studies. Your braids can be a hallmark of your unique and interesting personality provided that you do them right and make them as wonderful as possible for the sight.

I am sharing some unique braiding ideas in which weaving of hair loops is done in an interesting and fairly different ways  for the sake of hair art.

Braid with height

This is another fishtail but it has been done at a bit high height than the regular one so that it can appear more prominent and more youthful than the original version.

unique fishtail braid with height

Double Style with braid

This technique requires you to use a corrugation machine to get some patterns on the hair. When you have some patterns you make the braid which turns out to be bit thick and voluminous in texture, lending your style an extra charm factor you always crave for.

Unique braiding idea for teens

Bell Braid on white hair

This is a very simple braid in appearance but it is complicated in its procedures, the hair is wrapped, back combed and is given a bell shape and then it is wrapped around again and another bell is created until the stitches runs out of hair.
unique braid with loops

Weaved Waterfall braid

Around six loops are used for this hairstyle, it’s a kind of waterfall but with more distinctively weaved stitches.

Unique braid weaving for teens

Three in one braid on hair of beach girl

There is one French braid, one English Braid and one course one Fishtail braid. First two braided loops are connected together to make the style, it takes a lot of talent and creativity to make something like this.

three in one braid

The Jeweled braid on brown hair

You might have seen some Arabic woman wearing this messy style heavily jeweled with the hair accent. The accent comes in different styles, sometimes with chains as well which are connected with the weaved hair or are pinned up underneath the style.

Queen braid with jewelry

Winter Braiding idea

The sweet ombre braid for the cold days of the winter, it is simple and stylish. You can support it with one sleeved cocktail outfits or a loose jumper.

ombre braiding idea

Boho girl wearing side braid with golden accent

This style is pretty easy, its beauty lies in the use of golden leaf accents which are being sold in a large variety these days. Get your piece for your hair color before you attempt to make this braid.

Loose fish braid on side

Braid on fishtail with curls

It contains a tightly done fishtail over which a simple braid has been set up with the pins. You can use some beads in it if you intend to support it for a special birthday or engagement party.


duo braiding ideas

Interlocked golden braiding idea

These are called interlocked hair loops. Though this is a kind of condensed and complex braid but with little practice you will be able to achieve this style.

criss cross weaved braid

Small Braid inside heart shaped tail

It is my favorite style because it is done nicely. There is a wrapping technique used with the braid, one braid has been weaved in a good style, resulting in small heart shaped stitches.

braid on braid gray hair

Duo braiding technique with multi weaved hair

This will suit thick hair. The braid will take some time as well because you need to create and connect three fishtails to get this one final style.
braid for thick brown hair


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