By February 26, 2018

Three Natural Ingredients for Treating Dark Circles

There are so many creams for deep set eyes and dark circles, but they are quite expensive. Instead of investing money on these creams you should rely on healthy, home made masks made out of natural ingredients because some dark circles tips work for everyone- ask your grandmother if she had used cucumber on eyes, she would tell you that it worked better than those night cream she had used in her life.  Here are three best dark circle remedies based on natural ingredients which are available easily at every home.

Remedies for deepset eyes and dark circles

Lemon has rich vitamin C in it which is a bleaching agent. However it is not wise to apply lemon on the dark circles alone it can cause extreme sensitivity,rashes and redness.

Lemon is acidic in the nature, so you need to dilute it by adding some kind of liquid in it. Instead of using lime drops directly on the eyes area which is quite sensitive you need to prepare a massaging mixture with it. You can add argan oil or coconut oil in the lemon and massage it gently over the dark area around the eyes. Do this twice or thrice a week to see some results.

Cucumber helps lightening the dark skin but it will not procure results overnight. You need to dip the cucumber in cold water or keep it in fridge before putting the slices onto your eyes.

If you think you cannot put slices daily over your eyes you need to preserve some cucumber juice and make a mixture of it with lemon juice and water, it will work better on the dark areas underneath your eyes.

Potato slices are also known to lighten the dark eyes circles but you need to use them daily for seeing the results. For doing it daily with easy, simply grate the potatoes and then soak them into the water. Let them stay in the water for thirty minutes. Now take a colander and squeeze the juice in a separate bowl,  save this juice in a glass bottle and put it in the fridge. Apply this overnight onto your circles using a cotton pad. You will see results within a week.


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