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How to Do Snowflake Nail Art, Tutorial for guide

Do you want to know how to do snowflake nail art at home? If yes, then certainly you have hit the right place. I can help you in this regard. I’m here to share two very simple nail art tutorials which make it easy for you to create a fabulous snowflake nail design. First tutorial will allow you to use your drawing skill to create this Christmas nail design while second tutorial is pretty simple and aim for nail art beginners, it only needs your nail painting skill.

Silver and snowflakes art tutorial

How to do Snowflake nail art at home?

This tutorial is quite simple and only takes your 10 minutes.

Things You’ll need

Snowflake nail art guide

Here are five steps that lead you toward an eye-catching Christmas nail design.

Step No.1 Apply base coat and let it dry. Now apply thick coat of dark blue nail polish. Give it some time to get dry.

Step No.2 Take nail art pen and use silver nail polish to make a cross on your nail. Now draw one more line that crosses your first cross.

Step No.3 Create first leaves pattern on every line you drew on your nail.

Step No.4 Create second leaves pattern on every line.

Step No.5 Seal this snowflake nail design with top coat.

Hurrah! You have made a very eye-catching nail design.

How to do Snowflake nail art with Stickers?

This is another simple manicure guide for those who doesn’t like to use nail art tool. This design could be created in less than five minutes.

12 Sheet Christmas Snowflake Tree 3D Nail Art Sticker Decal Tips Decoration


Things You’ll need

  • Snowflake and silver line Nail art stickers
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish Colors: Silver and White

Snowflake nail design Guide

You need to follow 4 simple steps for making this design.

Step No.1 Start your nail designing with base coat. Apply white nail polish on all nails accept index finger. Paint your index finger with silver nail polish

Step No.2 Now remove silver lines stickers and fix them on your white nails.

Step No.3 Remove white snowflake pattern stickers and fix them on your silver nail polish.

Step No.4 Set your stickers in a way that your nail design look neat and tidy.

Voila! This is quite simple nail art method that everyone would love to try.

So, finally you know about two guides on how to do snowflake nail art. It’s time to share this simple guide with your friends who would love to follow this guide along with you.

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