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How to do smokey eyes makeup on green eyes

It’s time to do natural smoky eye makeup for green eyes just to make your look simply fascinating. Generally, girls think that they have to follow a lot of steps for getting perfect smoky eyes while it is not a fact. You only need good eye brushes along with a little practice. I’m here with a tutorial of natural eye makeup for green eyed girl. This tutorial will make it easy for you to draw out your eyes beauty with a little effort.

Easiest smokey eyes makeup for green eyes


Time Required: 20 minutes

Things You’ll need

Tutorial: Natural Smokey Eye makeup for Green Eyes

Here are 4 steps that make it easy for you to grab perfect green eyes look.

#1 You need to pick soft eyeshadow that matches with your face tone and spread it on your upper eyelid. Generally, neutral pink or brown shades are the best options. You can go with matte beige eyeshadow having glitter in it. Perfect blending plays an important role in natural eye makeup. Take a few minutes and blend shade smoothly.

#2 Pick a small eyeliner brush and define lash line from inner to outer corner of eyes. Don’t forget to create a small wing on outer-V area. As you are going to do matte eye makeup, so I suggest you to pick matte eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner. You need to apply thin line in outer area but its level get thicker from inner to outer eye corner.

#3 Once you done with upper lash line, you have to define beauty of your lower lash line as well. You need to apply eyeliner on outer eye to middle eye portion, no need to extend it to inner eye area.

#4 It’s time to create dramatic effect to your eyes by applying dark black eyeshadow on upper eyelid. Apply shade in a way that its tone gets darker from inner to outer eye area. Apply dark shade on outer area and move this shade to inner area while doing its blending with a soft brush.

Follow this simple tutorial of natural smoky eye makeup for green eyes and you would be able to grab hot and sexy look.

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