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How to do Purple and Blue Eyes Makeup, some tips

Some old combinations always work better in colors such as purple with pink, blue and yellow.  It’s not new to see color contrast in makeup art though big changes are brought by intellectual minds.  Meaning that century old color contrasts are still in trend but makeup artists their time in bringing forth a unique idea with it.  Forget that you have to apply purple right by the side of the sky blue again because it’s not hitting anymore, what you will need to do it find out a different approach.

Purple shimmery blue eyes makeup tutorial


I am sharing one tutorial on sky blue and purple makeup, I really hope you will like it because it’s definitely worth trying at home. You can do it girl, believe me.

Purple blue eyes makeup tutorial


Things you’ll need for this eye makeup are as follows:

Tutorial on how to do a nice combination of sky blue and purple makeup

  1. Apply your base all over the face. Apply a concealer on eyes but don’t use it an excess as you still need to apply your base for the eyes.
  2. Now apply your light tone neon sky blue color, blend it well.
  3. Use light purple on the lower lid as shown in the illustration.
  4. Contour the crease line by using two shades bronze and gold. Now give it a little touch of brown as well.
  5. Use black on the corner and smudge it. Blend thoroughly to the middle of the eyes.
  6. Apply liner and mascara your makeup it ready.
  7. Use white shimmer on the inner corners for a dreamy effect.
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