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Punk hairstyles Perfect for Funky Girls

Being a girl means you have a lot of styling and fashion options to choose from. There is no need to always follow common styling when punk hairstyles let you stand out from the crowd. You can categorized them undercut short haircut but it doesn’t mean to taper all hair. The complete focus of this kind of hairstyle is on the middle hair section. The back hair section is usually kept short in length or just appears in buzz cut form. Those who need prominent and clear punk touch, like to taper side hair very short or simply shaved them off.

yellow faux hawk hairstyle

Punk hairstyles Inspired from Music Industry

This kind of funky hairstyling is only tried by those girls and guys who take good interest in music or simply crazy for pop music field. It is a fact that girls love to follow pop music star and their hair styling. I really like to mention name of best music stars such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Pink, etc.These stars normally appear with latest and funky hair styles. So, their fans love to be look exactly like them. Some people copy styling other focus on makeup, but somehow music industry defines their personality.

orange undercut for girls

purple pompadour hairstyle for women

Teenagers’ style has Definite Root in Pop Music

When we talk about teenagers then it simply means an age group that like to walk, talk and smile exactly like the way the top stars of music industry do. From their hairstyle to dress to shoe, they seem like a replica version of Rihanna, Pink, Miley, etc. Teen girls think that by following styling root of pop stars, they are simply moving on the latest fashion and style path and it’s indeed right. Interesting thing is that they can go beyond any standard level, when it comes to copying top star looks.

punk bangs for women

purple mohawk hairstyles

Diverse Styling is Available

If we say punk then there is no definite or hard and fast rule to follow for hair style shape and texture. It simply means different unique and short. The most common styles are Mohawk, fohawk, fan Mohawk, faux hawk, short middle braids, sleek straight short fringe, flyaway bangs, etc. One thing that is commonly found in all hairstyles is either shaved or very short sides hair; though hair from nape and back is also kept short in some hair styles.

blue punk hairstyles

Color Splash for Chic Look

Punk hair styling is not considered complete without colors. In another words, you need to change your hair color. One vibrant color seems good choice but those who are quite crazy for styling like to pick more than one color. They choose some color combinations that are not only unique but also super attractive. The main idea of styling is to grab attraction of all and it is only possible when you pick unique shades and types of hairstyles.Girls who havenatural curly or wavy hair, shaved their side hair and then get some colored or black-white hair tattoos. Girls who have long hair try braided Mohawk hairstyle and choose pink or violet hair colors as they enhance their beauty look to a great extent.

braided mohawk style idea hair tattoos and short curls

In simple words, you have many different ways to wear punk hairstyles. But fact is that only cool girls are able to pull off this kind of styling with great aesthetic appeal.

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