Privacy Policy

Introduction of Website and Motive is an informative and productive website whose authors and owners alike wish to make their readers well-acquainted with various subjects related to fashion, clothing, and trends. We are making sure that the privacy and identity of ours users is being protected in the right way. We are fully committed in making our blogs user-friendly and safe at the same time for the visitors.

We are gathering good troves of information from around the globe before sharing anything with the readers. We, in no way, are a part of any happening or event with regards to fashion industry.  Our motive is to bring detailed news related to fashion and trends for our savvy audience who wants to explore the niche in a friendly manner to get acknowledged with the latest happenings only.

We don’t believe in providing or promoting content which provokes racisms, bias or conflicts. We don’t criticize major policies and their work or take part in controversial studies of religious cultures. Though we believe in expression of freedom but we are not missing this opportunity to disgrace any religion, individual or company in any way. Thus, our website is just a user-friendly platform, offering useful information and reviews only.

Copyrighted Work

Though we respect all the copyrighted works as they are considered the intellectual/personal properties of the artists, individuals and companies only and we are refraining from using such work in our media to avoid infringement.  Although we are using some images and media to give a better makeover to our online content but in most cases we are taking proper care in referencing them properly to give credit to the respective author, individual or artist.

In case you feel that there is some work related to another artist or individual, you can contact us back and request a full removal. We will appreciate if you give us some time to review the information. We will investigate the matter and initial the removal without any claim. We also request you to contact us immediately before filing your complaint.

If you have any personal request about the removal, use the contact us form and submit a valid DMCA notice with your signature on the printed document. We will take action as soon as we get your documented request.

Cookies Policy

We have planned to monetize our website by using one of the best third party ad programs which is called Google Adsense. The company is using Dart Cookies to server interest based advertisement to the readers. If you are not comfortable with the technologies like web beacons and cookies, you can opt out by visiting the company’s website which is given in the link here Google ad and content network privacy policy.