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How to Make Masks for your Skin using Organic Ingredients

hile many of us don’t like to indulge in DIY stuff but we don’t mind mixing a paste of nice paste for the sake of our beauty because we know it can really be effective at some point or another. For instance, using gel of Aloe gives us a refreshing feeling from the inside out and our skin turns out to be suppler with it.  There are a lot of ingredients that are lying on kitchen’s shelves such as honey, oatmeal, and chamomile tea which we are using regularly. They can be combined for a nice mixture in a different ways for making a highly effective skin care masks.

Home made masks combo

Here are four masks according to skin type:

1:Face Mask for Irritated Skin

It happens that you come back to home and look into mirror just to see how your face looks, you feel shocked to see there are red spots everywhere due to excessive summer heat. If this is happening more often than usual, your skin is probably irritated or inflamed, for you can prepare a nice mask.

Ingredients needed:

Brewed green tea, cooled

Two table spoons of plain yogurt, fresh

I table spoon of organic and original honey

1/3 cup of oatmeal


Mix all ingredients well and apply a thicker paste on your face. Lie down your couch for few minute to feel  relax and listen to some nice music. Take off the mask.


What can it do: It can give amazing results especially if you red and itchy skin which is causing some serious burn like feeling. Oatmeal is very good for acne, inflammation and infections because it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Honey will soothe the skin by moisturizing it whereas green tea will help in improving the complexion through it anti-oxidants.

2: Face Mask for Acne Prone Skin

If your skin is oily and acne prone, you might want to give a go to some fruits that are loaded with salicylic acid.  Having been suffered from acne you might have discovered that salicylic acid is a main component found in all acne treatment creams. Why not make a nice acne Face mask to save your time and heal the acne.


Things needed:

2 cups of finely cut strawberries

½ cup of plain yogurt

1 table spoon of honey

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients well, you will get a nice scrub like paste which should be applied gently all over the impacted area. If you have acne on your back besides face and chest, you can apply the same mask on it.

What can it do?

Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid, which will fight against acne, pimples and inflammation.  Not only can you use it in your mask but also include it as a med for acne in your diet to get maximum results.  Yogurt is very beneficial for your skin, it has a nice acid to restore freshness of the skin. Honey is also anti-inflammatory agent, it can work well on all skin types.

3: Face Mask for Dry Skin

It’s difficult to treat dry skin because even the most expensive moisturizer fails to work sometimes on it. A good mask can provide lasting results as long as water intake is good.


Things needed:

One Egg York

½ Ripped bananas

½ table spoons of honey

½ avocado meshed


Blend all ingredients well in a blender and make a nice mask.  Apply it on all over your face and leave for thirty minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water.

What can it do?

Banana is rich in Vitamin A, E and C. It can do wonders on your skin by making it beautiful and fresh from the inside out, it also provides moisturizer to the skin to improve its condition.  Egg yolk has some natural oils and proteins to treat your dried skin without side-effect. Honey is added for bonus. Avocado is very good for dry skin due to its nutrimental values.

4: Mask for Sensitive Skin

It’s risky to apply any makeup product with freedom on sensitive skin because sometimes you can’t even anticipate how well or bad it will do your skin afterwards. You begin to notice rashes, redness and inflammation even after you apply just a minor moisturizer as per beauty care routine. This may sound weird but sensitive skin is very difficult to treat.

mask for sensitive skin

Things needed:

2 table spoons of Oatmeal

Brewed chamomile tea,cooled

1 table spoon honey


Make a paste in thick texture out of all ingredients mentioned above and apply the mask for 20 minutes on skin.

What can it do?

Chamomile is a nice organic herb which can fight against bacterial infection and inflammation; it will also soothe your skin.  Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory as well, it is good for all skin types, it will make your skin gentle and soft, where as honey is an add on to maximize the efficacy of paste.



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