By February 22, 2018

Interesting Eyebrows Trends 2018 New Evolution in Fashion

Eyebrows shapes and trends have evolved over the years though nobody could expect that there would be weird eyebrows trends which would take over the internet and fashion industry. I would not say that people of modern times are immature for supporting weird fashion and style, perhaps this is called advancement, people have absolutely no problem adapting to latest trends regardless of how odd or good of the impact they  will make.

Braided eyebrows fashion instagram

During 90s, eyebrows fashion was limited to shaping up the eye brows for giving them a defined and nice look since they are just considered a nice feature which can be tweaked for facial enhancement. Now eyebrows fashion is much more than shaping up the brows and making them defines- some makeup artists have invented new trends which are more of less a form of art for those fashion lovers who want to do something with the brows other than plucking hair from here to there to shape them up.

Squiggly eyebrows are making quite a big buzz, they can be created using eyebrow pencil or black paint, however, for creating a nice wiggle brows you need to learn how to make nice curves first. Besides squiggle brows there exist rainbow trends where different colors are applied on the brows hair for creating a spectrum of different color which is paired with the eye make having the same colors. Then there are more brows artworks and trends such as snake, ponytail, foil, glitter, carving, painting, underbrows, dragon and feather. I am showing some of the brows trends and ideas which are interesting.

Some of these latest eyebrows trends 2018 are quite painful to pull ff. Wired brows would require you to wear multiple small rings around the eyes which in no sense would be pleasant to do. In the same way wearing studs or piercing around that area is a quite dangerous thing.At the same time painted and tattooed brows can be supported by everyone because they don’t require any piecing of the skin.

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