By February 26, 2018

Hairstyles Ideas for Long Hair 2018

Many of us believe that it is difficult to handle long hair and it is really hard to make a braid on it. The truth is, when you have a good idea on hair styling you can make about any hairstyle on hair regardless of the hair length.

Hairstyles for long hair and topknot

For formal parties and events, braids can be weaved on long hair but keep in mind that the braid must not look overdone in any way. You are going to attend a formal event not a wedding event, your hair do should be simple and elegant, try to choose a braid that could give you a very sassy look instead of that bridal look that you do not need at all.

Sometimes straight hair looks as it is but it won’t have any attraction if hair is thin. In a straight hairstyle the hair will look thinner once it is air dried or straightened using a machine. Best thing to handle such hair is making loose chignons or waves, or pinned up/wrapped rolls one over another. You just need to pin or wrap a a big portion of hair strand over another thick layer of hair strand in order to create waves, it might take some time but it is rewarding in the end. You will look your best.

Side braids also look beautiful when they are half done which means you do not need to make a braid on all of your hair, simply weave it on half length and let the other half be the way it is. Incomplete braids look messy but sassy.

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