How to grow your nails faster , some easy tips

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If you are interested in nail art and beauty, then you may want to know how to grow your nails faster. So, I’m here to share some amazing ideas with you. Before I started sharing some tips, I want to make clear that your nails grow own their own. You can enjoy nail growth even when you don’t put any effort. Normally, nail grow about one millimeter per month. In case you want to speed up nail growth process then you have to use some tips that I’m going to highlight below.

Home remedies for nail care


How to grow your nails Faster?

Here are some methods which let you to enjoy nail growth.

1.Opt for Biotin Supplements

When it comes to hair or nail growth then name of “Biotin” is normally heard. Reason is that this supplement is quite effective in treating brittle nails. It not only increase growth of nails but also make them stronger. If you face nail spilt or crack problem then you don’t have to encounter this issue after usage of this supplement. You nails won’t crack often, so chances of their growth enhance. You can take biotin as a supplement or another way is to opt for natural foods that rich in Biotion. The natural sources of Biotin are whole grain cereals, white wheat bread, wheat germ, eggs, nuts, dairy products,salmon, swiss chard and chicken.


2.Moisturize your nails

Many times you see cuticles around your nails, so they clearly show that your nails aren’t really healthy. You need to take care of your short or long nails by applying moisturizer. It’s important to apply coconut moisturizer on your hands and nails whenever you feel your hands are getting dried. After dish washing, you must take good care of your nails. Moisturizer makes your nails stronger and protects them from cracking, splitting or becoming brittle.If possible, wear gloves during your dish washing session.


3.Try White Vinegar nail treatment

No need to always opt for manicure or pedicure when you can enhance beauty of your nails at home with the usage of white vinegar. First of all, wash your hands, dry them with towel. Pick a bowl and pour white vinegar in it. Now dip your fingernails in it for at least 5 minutes. Dry your hand with paper cloth. Wash your hand with soap for getting rid of vinegar odor. Push back your cuticles and then file them in your favorite shape; though round shape helps in increasing fast nail growth. At the end, use hand sanitizer, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off. At the end, you need to apply two coats of hard nail finger polish.


4.How to grow your nails faster? Increase Protein Intake

If you opt for protein diet then you would be in a position to grow your nail faster. Actually, nails are made of protein “Keratin”. So, when you start consumption of protein then you nails also get this nutrient and so chances of nail growth increase to some extent.


5.Use Nail polish Remover Sparingly

If you really want to know how to grow your nail faster then you must have to keep this important point in mind. Don’t use nail polish remover again and again. Try to pick a nail polish that stay on your nail for almost one week. The lesser your use nail polish remover, the stronger your nail will be.


6.Don’t Bite your nails

Nail biting is a bad habit and you should try to find the best ways to deal with this habit. It is advisable to apply lemon or vinegar on your nails. Whenever you start biting your nails, you taste sour , so you can get rid of this habit.


7.Weekly Nail Care and Maintenance

It is important to dedicate a few hours of your weekend on your nail health. If you can afford, go for a manicure and pedicure. Otherwise, you only need to trim, file and moisturize your nail at home.


8.Increase Blood Flow in Nail

Try to use your fingers for some fun activity. When your finger and nails are active then nail growth stimulates due to increased blood flow. It is good to know that piano players often see a fast growth of their nails. You can find your own fun activity, just to enhance your nail blood flow level.


9.Go for  Round nail Shape

If you want to know how to grow your nails faster then you should file your nails in round shape. This shape has less chances of damage and breakage and thus your chances of nail growth increase.


10.Use Nail Strengthener and Grow nail quickly

People whose work involves a lot of water can do nail care by applying nail strengthener on their nails. It creates a strong layer on nail and keep it well protected.You can go with OPI Nail Envy Original


You have complete idea now how to grow your nails faster. Focus on these important tips and enjoy healthy nail growth.

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