How to Grow Long Eyelashes in easy ways

March 1, 2018 | By More

Luckily, the internet is full of information how to grow beautiful long lashes without getting any surgical treatment done such as lash extensions. These extensions are suitable for those who have no lashes at all such as Chinese and Japanese women.  Some unexpected infections are always followed by the procedure of eye lash implants such as skin irritation, swelling onto the eyes lids and inflammation in the eyes. This is why most women choose to grow their natural lashes long and lush.

Growing long eyelashes

Question is what on earth can grow your lashes longer and thicker in real. The internet has been providing us with much informative material that sometimes lack scientifically proof, such as some tips that may not work all the time.  Some tricks really work while others simply don’t.

Here are three worth knowing myths for growing long eyelashes:

Brushing Lashes:

I have read it a million times that brushing your lashes can make a big difference, in their length and they will begin to grow longer and more beautiful. Scientifically this is just a hypothesis, just because brushing your scalp hair improves circulation in the roots thereby improving the health of hair, it does not mean the same formula will work for your real lashes.


Brushing lashes can cause serious damage to cuticle as when you brush hair it may cause friction on the epidermis. Since area around your eyes is very sensitive, it can cause infection too. You needn’t do anything you read in tips unless they are valid.


Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

A thick coat of petroleum jelly aka Vaseline is being considered a nice treatment for weak lashes. Just ask yourself what would it do to your eyes area? It will seal the area totally by interrupting the passage of oxygen, which is most needed for your eyes.  I have had followed this procedure myself. I applied jelly overnight and the next day, my eyes were red and saggy.


Moisturizing your eyes

The moisturizer will definitely moisturize your eyes and make them clean from dryness and sebum but it will never contribute to the length and thickness of the lashes, so forget this will ever work.


What Really Works? Just Oil

There is just one thing that can really work and it is castor oil. Never forget that anything organic is way more powerful than any artificial product made of chemical substance. Though some lash serums are also fine but if you choose to apply and use oil instead, the results will be faster. The choice is yours.



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