By February 26, 2018

Glam Glitter Eyes Makeup Tutorial for Parties

Glitter has become a staple in every second eyes makeup because it can help bring up that x-factor in the eyes makeup we all need at the last minute of our makeover. It can add shine and bright sheen to the simplest eyes makeup, I am showing some easy makeup ideas for all those who focus on trying different types of makeup ideas.

Glitter eye makeup tutorial

Glitter can be included in the eyes makeup in many different ways, the color of the speckle should be chosen according to the dress. If you intend to wear a simple dress that has some sequin on the design, you can apply the glitter on the crease only area to look elegant. However, if it’s a special party night and everyone is expected to appear in heavy makeup you are free to apply as much glitter as it takes to make you stand out in the crowd.

Pink glitter eyes makeup tutorial with thick arabian eyeliner

There are different ways of using the glitter in the makeup, you can use it on the crease area, on inner corner, over the eyes shadow or on the entire upper eye lid(below the crease area as a filler). You can also support glitter eyes with the smoked eyes corner. The darker shades will look beautiful during the night only, so try to wear the sparkle with the smokey eyes if it’s the night event. For evening or afternoon, you can simply use light weight glitter and merge it with your pastel eyes shadows.

Gold smokey eyes makeup for the evening tutorial

Do not overdo your makeup at all, since glitter can make your eyes makeup look heavier, you should wear light pink or nude colored lipsticks in order to look beautiful. Of course the rule of make up is to support the dark lips with light eye shadows and dark eye shadows with the light lips and so on.

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