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How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally at home

Every girl dreams for perfect rosy, flawless, pink lips because it really adds charm to their natural beauty, particularly to smile. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid chapped and cracked lips during winter time because water intake reduces during cold months of the year. Extreme water and consistence dehydration can lead to the darkening of the lips. There are several other causes of dark lips such as lack of sleep, dead skin accumulation,intake of alcohol, drug addiction and sun exposure are few to name.

Constant sun exposure and smoking can cause serious damage to the lips, not only can it darken the color but also create cracks over the surface which won’t heal easily. Though there are over the counter products such as lip balms and chap sticks but they will not provide any result unless dead skin cells are exfoliated from the upper layer of the lips. You need to follow some home remedies to heal the lips from inside out, once they are healed you can cover them with balm and moisturizer of your choice.

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Things to avoid for preventing lips from darkening: You need to avoid few things for preventing the further damage , here is the list.

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  1. Do not go to the sun without applying a lip sunblock, pick any moisturizer which has SPF 15 to protect your lips from US rays.
  2. Do not drink too much of tea, alcohol and fizzy drinks, the ones with caffeine will cause the severe damage to the lips.
  3. Try not to apply makeover over the dark lips for covering the dark area, apply a lip balm instead.
  4. Do not apply harsh chemical laden products on the dark area, they will make the situation worse.
  5. Do not smoke cigarettes or cegars they will lead to serious problems other than darkening the lips.

Home Remedies for getting rid of dark lips:

Before I start with the home remedies I would love to mention that your internal body has to be fully hydrated first, because healing should come from the inside or else no mask will work for you. Drink as much water as you can and eat more vegetables and fruits to have nutrients and vitamins in the body. When you have nutrients in body they definitely improve the skin texture and lips.

Turmeric Mask is the easiest of all of the masks you can make at your home. Simply pour three to four table spoon turmeric in a bowl, add a pinch of salt to it, and some water to make a paste. Now apply it over your dark lips using a tooth brush or simple brush, rub it for good three minutes and wash it off once it is dried. Apply a balm after it.

Lemon juice is another ingredient which can be applied as it is for reducing dark spots or dark lips, you can squeeze few drops of lemon into a bowl and dilute it with some water and add some coconut oil. Mix all ingredients well, massage this mixture over your lips, you will see a difference in few days of regular use.

Honey and Lemon paste can also help with dehydration and dark colored lips. Simple add equal quantity of both ingredients in a bowl and apply over affected area for five minutes and wash off. Apply this paste two times a week to lighten your lips. Apply a balm afterwards.

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