Emerald or green eyes makeup for small eyes

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Looking for the best party eye makeup for small eyes ? Well, when it comes to colors you have a lot of eyeshadow options to choose from. But when it comes to party then you should opt for vibrant colors like Emerald. Good thing about this color is that it is quite beautiful. Another thing that makes it special is that you are able to make your small eyes look bigger with this eyeshadow.Today, I would let you know how you can use this eyeshadow for enhancing your eye beauty to a great extent. Check eye makeup tutorial below.

Green makeup idea small eyes

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Thing You’ll require for Makeup

Tutorial Glamorous Emerald Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

You only need to follow 7 steps to get fascinating eye makeup.

Step No.1 You need to first make base of your eyes. For this purpose, apply a bit of foundation on upper and lower eyelid. Cover your dark eye circles with concealer. Apply dark black eyeshadow on outer-V area of your eyes. Apply black eyeshadow on half area of your lower eyelid close to lashline. You don’t need to blend your black eyeshadow.

Step No.2 Where outer v-area ends, you need to start applying emerald eyeshadow.

Step No.3Spread it on your upper eyelid below crease area. Don’t apply it on inner V-area where you need to use light yellow eyeshadow. Apply a small line of green shadow on your lower lid close to lashline. In this way, half area of lower lid will have black shade and another half area would have green shade.

Step No.4 Apply bronze eyeshadow on crease area of your eyes.

Step No.5 Apply beige eyeshadow a bit under your green lower lid line.

Step No.6 Fill your waterline with black eye pencil.

Step No.7 Apply light coat of eye mascara.

Voila! You are done with amazing emerald eye makeup for small eyes. Now you can see how bigger look is given to your small eyes with this specific makeup.

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