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Easy Holidays Hairstyles such as Christmas and New Year

This year is coming to end and there are just two months to go now. If you look self grooming then you might be looking for some nice easy holidays hairstyles and  hairdos for parties, hairstyles for Christmas and Hairstyles for new year eve. You must have browsed the internet a thousand times in the search of the nicest and cutest hairdos, if you have not found anything of your interest then I bet now you will find it here. I have made my collection for the best hairstyles for the holidays and parties.

Keep it loose and high

Everyone knows that styling the black hair is one of the most difficult things of the world. Due to the hue of the hair any hairstyle which is braided or weaved hides easily, but this is not always true, if you wear curls like these you are definitely be able to make yourself noticed by everyone in the party and event.

Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 1


Get funky for parties and new year eve

This hairstyle is sassy, beautiful and very adorable because of the weave and waves it has. Do not confuse it with a mohawk hairstyle though it looks very close to it.Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 2

Wear a beaded bands to look adorable

A simple beaded hair accent would add a girly finish to any updo that you will wear, mind that your hair style turns out to be more beautiful when you adorn it with accessories. This image is just one of many examples on decorating the style for the parties.Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 3
Use accent on curls

A simple use of a gracious hair piece can do  a big magic, look at her hair, they are done beautifully, you can do the same with your hair it would be fun.Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 4

It is simple yet very appealing, you don’t need to wear a braid every time when you can make some curls on hair like this.Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 5

Look fabulous with long hair and tie them up nicely

If you are in your 20s or 30s you need to embrace and adore your girly look by wearing youthful braids.

Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 6

Wear a band over braid because it is winter

It’s winter so why not to catch up with the theme of the season and wear a band on braid to look sassy.

Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 7

Keep a loose tie in the middle of hair do to look funky

It is funky and stylish altogether, no need to spend many hours in front of mirror doing curls and waves, just go simple with one bumpy updo and that’s it.

Holidays hairstyles 2016 2017 8
Do not forget to add beauty to your long hair

The more you will keep your style keep the better you will look all the time, this simple braid can be done easily without much practice.
Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 1

Wear short bob with a cute smile

Just in case you have short hair you can wear a bob on your short locks and rock around.Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 2

Four holidays hairstyles ideas for everyone 

These are some of the girly styling ideas for holiday season 2016, the top knot, flowery braid,fishtail and bumpy weaved tails are in trend more than ever.Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 3
More use of accents with hair that you will wear with winter sweater and jersies

If you have ever wondered as what to wear with a cardigan or jersery during winter now you have got your answer. Keep your fishtail combined with some sort of hair do which is as high as it should be.

Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 4

Just get some highlights and tie your hair
Combine braid with curls to look sassy

Some curls can be done on the hair since there will be parties that you will attend this year you need to do your hair differently.Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 5

Wear a loose braid on medium hair with light makeup

This can be worn with the light makeup. Winter is ultimately a season when you might not want to wear red or maroon lips so wear loose and funky braid styles to complete the makeover.
Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 6

Get an ombre and set your waves loose

Getting gradients of color on the hair is wonderful just in case you want to maintain your modern makeover this ombre style is good for you.
Easy hairstyles for holidays 2016 2017 7


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