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DIY Green Tea Scrub for Gentle skin Exfoliation

You might have heard that green tea is beneficial not only for our internal system but also for our skin. It helps us fight off free radicals which contribute to aging. In order to detox your body you should drink green tea at least four to three times a day. Not only will it help with body detoxification but also with digestion.  There are tens of benefits of using green tea both as a drink and as a facial pack/mask.

Flaw skin with green tea scrub and mask

You can easily make DIY green tea body and skin scrub at home and add ingredients of your choice for making an exfoliating mask and skin scrub. Ideally, green tea skin exfoliating mask should be used once a week, however you can use it two times a week just in case you want to exfoliate dead skin cells more often. This scrub will peel off the dead skin cells and promote collagen production which will improve the skin elasticity.

Diy green tea scrub

DIY Green Tea scrub/mask

In order to make this mask, you need some green tea. If you take tea daily, you can save the tea bags which have already been brewed, they will come handy for making a nice exfoliator, all you need to do is add some ingredients for preparing an effective face pack.  Just save the bags and then cut them up for making the mask, it’s just that easy. No need to buy expensive over the counter green tea creams, because they always are prepared with preservatives and additives which are harmful for the skin. When you have fresh leaves of tea you will never need to opt for any chemical-laden green tea mask at all.

Here are few things you will need for making the scrub.

Green tea from brewed tea bags

Some honey, ideally few drops

Some lemon like three to four drops

Water for making the mask applicable

Some argan oil or any oil for the massage

Method is that you mix all these things together in a bowl and apply the mixture on face with a brush or with finger tips. Massage over your skin very gently for few seconds, let it stay on the skin for twenty minutes and then wash your face.

With regular use of this green tea face mask, you will be able to see good results, if you have blemishes, freckles and black spots they will definitely reduce. After using this scrub, you can apply any gentle face moisturizer. Whatever you will apply after this scrub will penetrate easily in the skin.

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