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Cute Christmas Hairstyles Ideas for 2016

I am going to cover some of the best and cutest Christmas hairstyles, Christmas hairstyles for girls and 2016 Christmas days hairstyles for short and long hair. If you are looking to add ribbons and bands to match the theme of the day you can do it, I have chosen to share only sensible hairstyles that can be helpful with any kind of makeover you want to achieve on the special days- these styles are also good for holidays seasons, new year parties and casual hang out sessions.   I have browsed some good Christmas eve hairstyles 2016 but I don’t like them all because of the awkward accessories which many stylists are adding to the hair. It is okay to wear a red headband but if you are in your 40s and 50s you ought to act your age before you embrace an immature makeover.

Let’s find out what are the best hairstyles for the Christmas parties 2016 that I have collected for you. Here are my findings regarding the styling trend of the year:

  1. Gone are the days when two topknots were worn with some ribbons, as you grow you realize that you need to have a mature appearance because fashion is taking a big turn these days,you will look better if you add just few hair pieces in spite of big ones. You can still use pins to tie your hair but do not add ties and ribbons because they are somewhat childish. Luckily there are some alternatives to cuteness which come from adding the hair accessories, I will be sharing some ideas below which will make you spell bound.
  2. If you are doing a hairstyle on your daughter or baby girl, it can be anything such as braid, fishtail and even high pony. No need to stick to the old trend, go with the modern approaches because you ought to adapt to artistic hairdo in order to catch more attention, why to go for the century old styles when new have been created according to the trend.
  3. Use hair extensions to hide the flaws if you have thin hair. We all know that styling thin hair can be somewhat difficult so what you can do is wear some extensions to make your hair braid beautiful on Christmas, even if you want to wear waves you can do them, joust get the extensions and stitch them with your locks by using the pins they come up with in the package.
  4. You can also dye your hair in red and green color to match the theme, go for the temporary shades because they do not damage your hair in the long run and are very easily washable.

Cutest Christmas Hairstyles for girls 

This is the cutest double braid idea for your hair.It does not matter whether your hair is short or medium in length you can wear this double tail style easily.


Cute christmas hairstyles for girls 1

Top-knotted Braids:

If you have got long hair like her and you often wear center parted waves, you can definitely try something different like this.Wear top knot style, it is girly,beautiful and impressive.

Cute christmas hairstyles for girls 2

Cute Girly Hairstyles with knots and braid:

Wearing this would be fun in winter when you wear sweater and  cardigans,attending parties with hair do  will definitely get you some praises.
Cute christmas hairstyles for girls 3Short hair  braiding:

A lot of girls dreaming of weaving their hair but they don’t do it due to the length of their hair.No need to dream any more here is a braiding hair do that you can pull off during holidays and Christmas.  Cute christmas hairstyles for girls 4

Beautiful with weaved chignons:

The crown chignon braid is something that can make your oval face look more beautiful and attractive provided that you are sporting a nice makeup with it.Cute christmas hairstyles for girls 5

Hairstyle ideas for Christmas Eve 

Just in case you don’t want to add hair pins and ribbons does not mean you do not have to, you can definitely decorate a flowery hair piece on your hair style.Christmas hairstyles for short hair 2016 1

Casual French:

No need to weave your hair from right to left,reinvent the French style and do it differently by tying your hair bit differently in the same old style braid.Christmas hairstyles for short hair 2016 2

Funky style with colors:

The addition of curls on the top have given a unique taste and texture to the four side by side baby braid, is not it looking amazing?Christmas hairstyles for short hair 2016 3

Long hair and temporary dyes:

Some girls believe that their hair looks better when they add color,it’s because the coloring helps improving the features of the style easily. Here is an example.Christmas hairstyles for short hair 2016 4

Loose waves on wintry days:

When you do not feel like wearing tied up hair you can set your locks free and wear your Christmas cap to cover the head, you will still look amazing.Christmas hairstyles for short hair 2016 5

Twitched Fish tail:

It is very difficult to tackle long hair and stylize them but you can do it easily if you know how to do a simple braid stChristmas day hairstyling ideas 1

Bold styling ideas for blonde hairChristmas day hairstyling ideas 2

Beautifully weaved chignonsChristmas day hairstyles 2016 1

Crazy curves in the bunChristmas day hairstyles 2016 2

ultramodern up do style with weaved  hairChristmas day hairstyles 2016 3

French style with more layers for Christmas dayChristmas day hairstyles 2016 4

High pony with tetra baby braidsChristmas day hairstyles 2016 5

Step by step updo tutorial for the parties and holidaysHairstyle tutorial for chrismas




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