By February 22, 2018

Cut Crease Glitter Eyes Makeup 2018, Glittery makeup for Parties


Every girl loves to have a special x-factor in her makeover because it helps her gain more confidence in her personality. Some modern yet easy makeup tweaks could help anyone transform themselves in a better way for special parties, late night hang outs and special romantic dates.  Old style smokey eyes are still in trends though but honestly they have lost their x-factor for being a common approach.

Diva cut crease glitter eyes makeup 2018

In order to look different there must be something different in the makeup-particularly in the eyes makeup because eyes are focal features of the face, they can be transformed completely. If you know how to do make up art you can really make your eyes makeup attractive by creating depth through optical illusion, and that’s by using eyes shadows colors and accessories only.

Now I am sharing some nice cut crease eyes makeup ideas 2018 which would help you understand what type of shades you need to use for creating a magnificent makeover for the day or night. Though you can wear glitter during day but the best time is night because sparkles look better during evening/night parties.


There is no hard and tough rules for doing cut crease glitter eyes makeup, you have two choices here, you can either fill your entire inner crease/upper lid area with silver, golden or colored glitter that goes well with the eyes shadows you are wearing or you can simply create a quick x-factor/charm in your makeup by applying the glitter for cutting the crease line only. Before doing it, you need to complete your eyes makeup first. You can wear smokey eyes makeup though, however if you are using silver or golden glitter or any copper/bronze glitter your makeup should be nude, light and natural. Clay eyes liners are being used mostly for filling the upper lid area, when your makeup is completed, simply add depth and beauty to it by applying liquid gel eye liner of any color that matches your eyes shadows.

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