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Cool Nails Art Ideas for Women

They say that our fashion is a complete expression of our values, personality and culture. The way one dresses up on a regular day shows how keen or careless they are in the sector of personal grooming. Our hands are actually one of the most prominent part of our body which help us convey our messages-sometimes by pointing our fingers only or moving them in a certain manner or style that can be understood by others. Therefore it is very important that you also focus on improving the health and condition of hands besides paying attention to your facial beauty.

There are a lot of productive things you can do to make your hands as well as body gestures more impressive than before, the one simplest way of doing is getting some cool nails art work done onto toes as well as finger nails. A lot of women are doing the same already and they just get noticed for having a unique sense of creativity, not just in the clothing but also in the area of artwork because the design you choose shows a bit of your artistic side if you believe so. For instance, if you choose to wear autumn leaves in Autumn you will be regarded as the highly savvy woman because you are supporting a fashion which relates to the right theme, at the right time.

I have made a sweet collection of some cool nails art work ideas which will help you choose your next design very quickly and believe me you will not have to browse through several designs to pick yours for this week. Let’s get started now.

Falling Leaves of Autumn Season

The use of right colors is very important in this art, this is why you are seeing some brown and rusty orange shades in it. The leaves can be stamped easy by using a nice stamp. Pick the leaf from the disc and stamp it, you can do it yourself.

autumn leaves nail art

Beaded Owl nails artwork! The Intelligent Animal

The intelligent animals has been drawn artistically on the nails on two fingernails whereas the rest of nails are having a regular French manicure with blue tips. If you cannot afford to get it done you can use stickers instead.

beaded owl nail art design

The Best Winter Sweater designs

The artwork is showing different designs of the sweater so it can be worn during the winter. The nail art will be highly cherished by your friends.

blue winter sweater nail art

Pink Party Nails with Crystal stones

It’s very easy to do it, use the glue and start sticking the stones in a good order to create this effect.

crystal decals pink nail design

Dreamy Blue Printed Nail artwork

This definitely requires hand drawing technique and skills. The flowers can be drawn easily with some care and attention. Rest of the design is simple with one-setting application of nail painting in one color.

Dreamy print blue nail art design

Tie, Lace and Dots on Nails

It has all that a girl dreams of- polka dotting pattern, the lace drawing and the tie which is favorite of all.

girly ribbon nail art design

Pink Manicure with Studded Stones

This nails art work is good for all types parties and events, perhaps you just need plenty of stones in order to make a glamorous effect on your nails.
impressive nail art

Mickey Mouse with Minnie Nail art

These characters are our favorite and of course we have been adoring it ever since our childhood. The couple can be used in the artwork as well and it would be fun to draw these characters, just do a little practice on the page and then attempt it on the nails, you will be able to get a perfect design.

mickey minni mouse nail art

Reverse Black and white Manicure

It’s a kind of reverse manicure in which you can draw some c shaped patterns and connect them easily. In the end you will get a nice abstract design that would look wonderful and amazing.

printed black floral nail design

Purple Butterfly decals for Nail artwork

You need to have some decals for this art which you can buy from the market or online fashion boutique because these days a lot of girls are selling such decals for a fairly cheap price.
purple butterflies nail art

Blue Resin Flowers for artwork

The decals can be used in a variety of ways, use blue on blue and pink on pink or so on. Keep changing the application in order to create a variety.

resin decals for nail art design

Snake Skin Nail Artwork with stones

For this art you can paint nails in ombre of blue, white and sky blue and then adore the pattern further by attaching opaque stones on the base coats.

studded snake nail art design

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