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Castor Oil for Growing Hair Faster and Longer

On average, hair grows an inch every month which is kind of slow growth rate. You can speed up the growth process by taking proper care of your hair and massaging good hair oil. By massaging oils every week you are basically feeding your hair so it could grow nicer and faster.

How to grow long hair with castor oil

You might have heard that castor oil can help grow long eye lashes, this is not just a myth at all. This magic really happens when you apply the oil with passion and dedication. Magic does not happen overnight in real life, in order to see some results you need to do things consistently. Castor is very thick naturally, it can be applied alone without adding any other oil but this will take too much of the oil. To make this oil work even better on your hair you can add any of your favorite oil such as flex seed oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, olive oil,jojoba oil,emu, fish, and rosemary and almond oil.

Castor oil for growing long hair

Castor oil has been around us for many years it used to to be administered to children for ailments, it was also used for inducing labor. Though it is known for treating constipation but it is now used in many beauty and hair products because it has a lot of good properties such as Oleic, ricinoleic, and Linoleic acids,which make this oil an anti-bacterial and anti fungicidal agent for the skin. If you have some infection on your scalp which is causing dandruff or excess hair fall this oil will take care of those underlying problems. When applied on hair regularly it can thickens hair roots and helps them regenerate new, healthy hair from the scratch.

Some products basically have castor oil as the main ingredient because it tends to thicken then brow line as well as eyelashes, if you want to fill in sparse brows you can apply some oil on it besides on your eyelashes. Do not apply this oil for few minutes, it needs time to work on the skin. To see some good results mix almond oil or olive oil with the castor and then massage this mixture on your scalp area and make a braid. Let it sit overnight and wash next day with luke warm water. You need to apply it two times a week to see some positive results.

Castor oil for long hair growth

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