By November 19, 2016

25 Awe Inspiring Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

Cornrows curls for black men hair

I am personally very impressed with black men because they come up with unique hairstyling and hair braiding ideas. If you ever want to know how men with long hair maintain their hair then the blacks definitely come at the forefront in the fashion because they are blessed with so many styling options which exist in their culture compared to white men.
Hairstyles for long hair men 18

Blonde highlights with light base color for medium long hair

If you want to make your blonde long hair a bit distinct in look then you can add some highlights and low lights on it like this guy has done.

Hairstyles for long hair men 19

Long natural curls with elegance

Hairstyles for long hair men 20

Gothic makeover with blonde locks and updo

Hairstyles for long hair men 21

Marilyn Manson inspired metal style for men with long hair

Hairstyles for long hair men 22

Charles Manson style center parted locks with beautiful shine

Hairstyles for long hair men 23

Western hippie style hair for long tressesHairstyles for long hair men 24

Gothic and metal Music inspired long hairstyles for men, don’t confuse him with Marylin MansonHairstyles for long hair men 25

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