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25 Awe Inspiring Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

long curls also look fantastic. To have these textured curls on your long hair you need to have your hair permed once in a while. Though the guy in the image below has natural curls in locks but you can achieve the same look easily by getting your hair curls and then cut in an asymmetrical dimension. The symmetry of the hair should be chosen according to face shape.
Hairstyles for long hair men 9

The Grunge look and makeover with long hair 

The grunge makeovers aren’t for musicians anymore you can pull off one with easy by growing your hair long in length and wearing some piercings. Your makeover will be well appreciated for certain.Hairstyles for long hair men 10

Graphic presentation of metal head hairstyle

I have chosen this graphic art because I simply loved the hair of the guy. It is so easy to achieve this look with some ear piercings and an appropriate long haircut.Hairstyles for long hair men 11

Metal head long hair with nasal piercing

It is not uncommon for metalhead men to wear ear tunnels and nasal rings, if you are fan of grunge and metal music you can definitely show your passion for the music by adapting to the culture and art that it comes up with.Hairstyles for long hair men 12

Multi layers for long hair

The more layers you add to the style the more volume you can have.Hairstyles for long hair men 13

Simply awesome long locks

Not much effort is needed to have these types of locks, just take care of your hair and keep giving it some hair treatments such as hair rebounding from time to time to maintain the straight look.Hairstyles for long hair men 14

Hair extensions with long style

If you don’t want to add chalking to get some hair coloring you can add some hair extensions to look sassy.Hairstyles for long hair men 15

Biker’s style haircut very long

If you every need to choose a style with your thick beard then this one should definitely be the one.Hairstyles for long hair men 16

Western hair style with highlights

Highlights are also a good addition for hairstyles for long hair men because highlights help boosting the base color and natural beauty of the locks.Hairstyles for long hair men 17

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