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How to apply perfectly winged eyeliner, some styles

In case you find it hard to create a winged eyeliner then I’m here to share a simple makeup trick with you. Interestingly, you don’t need much to follow this trick; just grab a spoon from your kitchen cabinet and check what this guide.

How to apply winged eyeliner with spoon


Things You’ll need

Make Perfect Winged Eyeliner with a spoon

Here are some simple steps which let you get perfect eyeliner flick.

Step No.1 Turn your spoon and keep its handle in the outer-V area of your eyes. You need to put it on this place in a way that its makes a slash \ with your eye corner area.

Step No.2 Now pick eyeliner pen and draw a line starting from corner of eyes and ending at half point of outer V-area. It should be curvy, not straight one.

Step No.3 Remove spoon and see curve of your line. It shouldn’t be very deep but a little curvy.

Step No.4 Now it’s time to put back of your spoon bowl on your eye corner. This bowl should make an angle with your curved line. You need to put one inch difference between line and curvy bowl of spoon.

Step No.5 Again pick your eyeliner pen and draw another line.

Step No.6 Finally, you have got main outline of your winged eyeliner. You need to fill this outline with eyeliner. As you want to get perfect eye makeup,so you need to define your upper lashline as well with light coat of eyeliner. Give your winged flick eyeliner a final touch with a coat of eye mascara.

This is indeed the simplest makeup trick that helps you make eyeliner flick without much problem. Follow this simple idea and share your comments with us. Is this trick make your flick style eyeliner simple? Tell us.

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