By February 20, 2018

How to Apply Lipsense Lipstick Easy Tutorial

Lipsense Lip colors are long lasting. If you apply it correctly, you can wear it for more than 10 hours and its shine and appeal won’t affect at all. But you should know how to apply LipSense lipstick like a makeup artist. Many of my friends think that its applications are tricky and one must have to remain careful while using it. The application of this lipstick is pretty much the same as other lipstick, no secret trick is involved. All you have to do is to follow five basic steps.How to apply lipsense lipstick tutorial

How to Apply Lipsense Tutorial

Let’s unlock seven steps which help you get amazing look.

  1. Before you apply lipstick, make sure that your lips are clean and clear. Sometimes, you have dark patches on your lips. If it is the case then I suggest you to apply lip balm or Vaseline on lips and wait for more than 10 minutes. Now remove balm from lips with a soft tissue paper. Now your lips are prepared for lipsense application.
  2. Shake the bottle, it is a must to get even shade look.
  3. Outline your lips. If you don’t want your lip shade to smear around then you have to follow this step. People who complain about bad application often forget this important step.
  4. Start applying this lipstick in one direction. Start from the outer mouth corner of the lips and move to the inner side.
  5. Go with more than 2 strikes for stunning results. If you need remover then you can use it when the need arises.
  6. I suggest you to wait for at least 5 seconds before you apply next layer.
  7. For bringing utmost shine to your lips, seal your lipsense lipstick with a lipsense gloss. It will not only seal the beautiful lipstick look but it would keep your lips moisturized for the whole day.

Now you have got clear idea how to apply lipsense lipstick. The next step is to grab a shade of your choice and give this tutorial your best try. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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